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"James Campbell's THE GHOST MOUNTAIN BOYS is one of those rare World War II tales that really do deserve to be retold. Thoroughly researched and expertly written, this engaging narrative will please both military historians and readers looking for an exciting odyssey of extraordinary courage and determination."
--Alex Kershaw, author of The Longest Winter and The Few

“The boys of Wisconsin and Michigan who crossed the hellish jungles of New Guinea and laid down their lives in MacArthur’s crusade for the Pacific—and their wives, sweethearts and children—can finally rest easy. James Campbell’s Ghost Mountain Boys is the literary monument they deserve. As riveting as Black Hawk Down and as gut-wrenching as Ghost Soldiers, Campbell’s account reminds us of their endurance, sacrifice, and heroism--and also of what a privilege it is to be an American.”
--Dean King, author of Skeletons on the Zahara

"The Buna campaign in New Guinea was one of the most awful slogs of World War II and one of the least reported. Now we are fortunate to have James Campbell's outstanding Ghost Mountain Boys illuminate the heroes of the 32nd Division."
--James Bradley, author of Flags of our Fathers and Flyboys

"The ragged heroes cursed to serve in MacArthur's New Guinea campaigns faced some of the most hellish fighting in all of World War II. In this intimate and vivid account, James Campbell feelingly recreates the American army's encounters not only with a fanatical foe but with more insidious adversaries like jungle rot, malaria, and the venomous creepy-crawlies of the rainforest. The result is both a classic war story and a spirited safari through one of the most exotic landscapes on earth."
--Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers and Blood and Thunder

"Every reader wants to believe in the author, that he has visited places of the heart, mind and world, to fetch us back facts, insights, revelations, even sufferings. James Campbell has delved as deeply as a writer can into the 32nd Division’s nightmare struggle on World War II New Guinea. The Ghost Mountain Boys is what he lugged back from the jungle and steaming streams. The tale is fearsome, authentic, and brave."
--David L. Robbins, author of The Assassins Gallery and War Of The Rats

"A gut-wrenching saga of young, unequipped soldiers bravely fighting and dying in the hellish jungles of New Guinea. Campbell's poignant, personal accounts of the U.S. Army's 32nd Division are as relevant as today's nightmarish headlines from Iraq."
--Charles Jones, author of Boys of '67: From Vietnam to Iraq, the Extraordinary Story of a Few Good Men

"THE GHOST MOUNTAIN BOYS reads like an epic movie script, with nonstop action from beginning to end. Campbell has done a stellar job telling this remarkable story of perseverance, bravery and human suffering. For those that already know the 32nd Division's story, this work tells their tale with the sort of depth and detail that is sure to enlighten even further. For those that haven't heard of their dramatic stand, this story will be forever etched in memory."
--Martin Dugard, author of Training Ground and Last Voyage of Columbus

"An absorbing account of the climax of the New Guinea Campaign."
--Library Journal

"Campbell brings to vivid life one of the more forgotten, grislier campaigns of World War II."

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